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Founded in 2004 by Andrea Ludovico Borri, the firm comprises of two business partners, a team of 10 architects, and a reliable network of consultants. Care, research, sustainability and efficiency lead the creative process based on observation, analysis and investigation.


Technical skills, know-how and an articulated but flexible structure have made many collaborations possible, both with private clients as well as B2B projects, involving historical building restorations, brand-new constructions, regenerations and energetic efficiency empowerment, urban re-development, real estate, interior architecture of noteworthy hospitality projects, offices and workplaces, as well as prestigious housing development.

Andrea Borri Architetti successfully applies the “BIM Method”, which helps support the client in achieving an overall vision of the project, delivering both physical and functional information.

The studio is able to offer a complete scope of all timing and costs, because it creates a digital reconstruction of the entire life cycle of each project.

For its more significant projects, Andrea Borri Architetti provides its clientele with the possibility of receiving an articulated strategic plan, encompassed with a financial and fiscal consultation to help optimize both time and resources.


Andrea Borri Architetti’s style is radical but not aggressive, essential and clean, while remaining warm and welcoming at the same time. It gives the sensation of living respectfully towards both environment and history.


Each project has its own specific characteristics, deriving from the requests and needs of the client as well as from the building itself. The aim is to not only listen to those requests, but to assist and to guide the client through the choices they make, understanding and preserving the different characteristics of the building, with an approach to aesthetic refinement. It all takes shape through accurate, customised work.


Andrea Borri Architetti’s projects include iconic buildings, such as the Palazzo Borromeo d’Adda in Milan, the multifunctional building Sant’Agostino, winner of the “Renzo Piano Foundation” award, the Borgo Cascina Conti, a new building with 56 completely sustainable housing units in Milan; the prestigious and historical textile firm Mantero in Como; the charming Borgo Bardolino on the Garda lake and the innovative urban re-development project of LOM, Locanda Officina Monumentale, the great manifesto of the studio.


The studio has worked with many important institutions, such as the FAI-Fondo per l’Ambiente Italiano as well as the Comune di Milano.

Its projects have also been published in several prestigious architecture magazines, such as Domus, Casabella, The Plan, Area and the Corriere della Sera.

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