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status: built, 2019

area: 1.600 sq.m.

typology: office + showroom


Matteo Pavesi (Project Leader)

Luca Pagani


Vergani Impianti





design and work supervisor

Andrea Borri Architetti

construction company


C.D.V. Snc


Andrea Borri Architetti

Lorenzo Piovella

Davide Pardini

The Milanese showroom featuring Massimo Bonini’s fashion brand has presented a unique opportunity for Andrea Borri Architetti to cleverly propose the use of two different working approaches. Its stylistic signature materialises with its ability to add respect and care, allowing its architectural heritage to coexist with a strong leap into the future, whilst working with radical renovation to include the latest technology and innovative materials.


The showroom occupies all 1800 sq.m. of palazzo Borromeo d’Adda’s first floor, in via Manzoni. Andrea Borri Architetti has taken care of the entire restoration process. Few may be aware that during World War II, the building was bombed on the side that overlooks Via dei Giardini, thankfully having spared the wing facing Via Manzoni. This manifold setting required two very different approaches: a delicate and conservative restoration on one side, and a more resolute intervention on the other.



Working on the monumental side of Borromeo d’Adda palace took real effort, balancing the restoration of its magnificent rooms with both precision and philology.

This delicate renovation was conducted in collaboration with the Sovrintendenza of Milan, particularly architect Terafina, who shouldered Andrea Borri Architetti throughout several phases of the reformation. The twofold nature of this sector of the palace requires both a conservative approach to restoration along with updated and sustainable technological empowerment.


In fact, the palace showed signs of deterioration not only in the colours of the frescoes and parquets, but within its obsolete technical structure, requiring extensive measures on all levels.

In this regard, the client’s innovative drive was fundamental. Carlo Borromeo d’Adda not only supported the initiative, but even promoted and incentivized some of the most ingenious aspects of the project, offering it the chance to completely redefine the spaces’ identity, whilst respecting its prominence.


The intervention facing the side of Via dei Giardini was actualised in a much different, yet active way. This area of the palace originated in the fifties, thus it contains a more modernist, post-war style that included reinforced concrete and larger areas, lending an opportunity to create vast open spaces. It was subsequently cleaned out, to allow it to be completely rethought and rebuilt in all its aspects. Secondary walls, for instance, were demolished to bring light, air and volume back.



The historical and stylistic dualism of this project is considered its greatest characteristic. When observed from one façade to the other, the property lends itself to varying perspectives, in part due to the changes in light that cloak several continuous spaces.

The palace showcases original wooden floors and important antique mouldings, hence the architects commended an essential yet contemporary aesthetic, with white surfaces to underline the vast spaces and enhance precious historical details. Andrea Borri Architetti and the client worked together on the interiors to create both a refined and functional solution for the expounding needs of the showroom. Massimo and Sabrina Bonini have personally taken care of the configuration, illumination and proportion of the objects infixed within, remaining conscientious of the vastly different characteristics of the brands exposed. This joint effort has managed to attain both a balanced and charismatic style.

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